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I’m Joe, and am super excited that you can be part of this crazy but interesting oil and gas ride. Buckle up and let us have some fun!

Over the last couple of years, the upstream oil and gas industry has witnessed its fair share of turbulence. Oil and gas prices have gone up, and they have gone down.

Some companies have survived to tell the story, but others have not been so lucky.

The world has continued to march on, with rising population putting pressure on energy demands. Oil and gas exploration firms have become innovative in getting the hydrocarbon resources from tight formations and in a cost-effective way.

The industry has gotten better.

Today, the upstream oil and gas sector is facing yet another challenge. A twin challenge actually.

We were dealing with a low crude oil price situation, and then corona virus came knocking. This has led to situation never witnessed before. Remember that negative oil price? Yes, it had never happened in the history of oil and gas.

Thousands of upstream oil and gas professionals have lost jobs, oil and gas companies are filing for bankruptcies and oilfield contractors are suffering.

Is there a future for the oil and gas industry?

Many leaders believe there is. This was clear during the first-ever Oil & Gas Virtual Summit in July, 2020 where oil and gas executives shared their insights, ideas and solutions for the industry.

This website or blog channel is a platform for continued Oil & Gas Conversations around emerging issues, and the potential opportunities that will come out of this situation.

And am here to just do that…facilitate these conversations

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