What is the hometown of Eric Yuan?

what is the hometown of eric yuan

The use of zoom has been on the rise in recent months. If you are like me, this is one virtual tool or platform that you have learn to use. I had to learn how to use zoom for my online meetings pretty quickly. It has proved very useful. As I had breakfast today, I wondered; what is the hometown of Eric Yuan?

The hometown of Eric Yuan is Tai’an, Shandong Province in China. Eric Yuan is the founder and CEO of Zoom. He lived in China until he was 27 years old. His Chinese Name: 袁征 (Yuán zhēng) includes the character (zhēng) which means ‘to go on an expedition / journey’

Zoom or Zoom Communications, Inc. is not a Chinese company at all but in fact, an American company founded by Chinese-American billionaire Eric Yuan. It is headquartered in San Jose, California and Yuan, who is also the CEO of Zoom, holds American citizenship

He studied both Masters and Bachelor Degrees in his home province of Shandong and married at a young age of 22.

Yuan immigrated to the U.S. from China in 1997 while he was living and working in Beijing. His visa applications were denied 8 times in a row over a 1.5 year period, but he kept persisting. On his 9th attempt, he was successful.

Moving to Silicon Valley

In 1997, Yuan landed his first job in Silicon Valley as one of the first software engineers at a young company called WebEx.

In 2007, the firm WebEx got acquired by Cisco Systems for USD $3.2 billion in a public takeover. He stuck with the company as it grew from just 10 engineers to 800 worldwide.

In 2006, prior to the acquisition, Eric completed an MBA from Stanford Business School. Yuan went on to become Vice President of Engineering, running engineering in the WebEx business.

His journey in technology continues when he formed zoom.

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